On August 23, 2003, forty- two (42) disciples joined together to establish a Baptist Church, one that would be built on a solid foundation of proclaiming God’s Word- through, Discipleship, Evangelizing, Mission, Ministry, and Worship, The Five-Fold Ministry. For the next twelve (12) weeks these disciples worked together to organize under the supervision of the Holy Spirit through Pastor Derrick D. Davis, to complete what God had ordained. These meetings were held at Greenlaw Community Center and concluded on October 29, 2003. Under the Baptist banner, the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church and its Pastor, Rev. J.C. Bacchus joined together with the Memphis District and the National Baptist Congress to give birth to one of God’s most prized and gifts to man, The Church is born.On September 5, 2004, under the appointed pastoral leadership of Senior Pastor Derrick Davis ( October 2003) , the Tabernacle of Praise Missionary Baptist Church (THE TOP) disciples purchased, renovated and relocated to (Salvation Army Center) 306 S. Somerville St., in Memphis, Tennessee, calling this location its spiritual home. It is here at this location, the disciples of Tabernacle of Praise will continue to experience God’s presence, execute God’s purpose and spread it in our homes, in our family life and in our community. As part of Our Outreach ministry, doors were open for Pastor Derrick Davis and the TOP family to began teaching, witnessing and preaching the word of God in the Linden and Camilla Towers each Sunday. Also doing the year Pastor Davis crowned Bro. Leon Ware as a Deacon for his dedicated service and work for the ministry as a deacon in training.

On January 12, 2005, the church came together again to purchase vacant land that that was behind the church. Seed offerings came from members’ throughout the congregation and the church paid cash for this land, which will be use for future growth and parking lots. Over the next few months persons would come and join with these Baptized believers and the church continued to grow. The church would purchase a new computer, office furniture and supplies as God gives the increase. On September 15, 2005, the church again would come together to purchase more land close to the church and again this would be done as seed offerings to church. Members again sowed seeds as a down payment to purchase the land location on Linden. This would be apart of the Vision that Pastor Derrick Davis is walking in the Holy Spirit and The TOP Family. The Building Of The Tabernacle.

On September 25, 2006, the church would finalize the pay for the land in which it had put a down payment on one year ago. God has blessed TOP to continue to Grow, over the last twelve months God called four ministers to work in the vine yard under the leadership of Pastor Davis. And again God has his hand on THE TOP. October 22-26, 2007, seven Executive Council members journeyed with Pastor Derrick Davis to attend Dr. I. V. Hilliard’s Church Development Strategies conference in Houston, Texas at New Light Christian Church. As a result of attending this conference, Pastor Davis and the leadership of the church obtained valuable information to share with the congregation and fiends of Tabernacle of Praise. During the past five years, from 2003 to 2008; Tabernacle of Praise Missionary Baptist Church continues to educate and equip disciples; every year more than forty disciples make a commitment to attend the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Conference.   On July 6, 2008, Tabernacle of Praise purchased the final parcels of land surrounding the church which is inclusive of Vance, Somerville and Linden streets.

In 2009, the church started building stronger Ministries where the central focus would be preparing for church growth with new and viable leadership.  Attention was given specifically to youth ministry, benevolence and outreach.  Our 2010 brought much celebrating in the 7th year with a 7 point celebration during a 90 day period. We called it “Remembering THE Journey”; something spiritual and creative happened for men, women, boys, girls, old, young and the community.  We celebrated from October to December.  THE special memorabilia included a professionally produced DVD, which was also called “Remembering the Journey”; the first 7 years of Tabernacle or Praises’ life, there were beautiful Silver/Gold and purple/ gold TOP pens, clear and blue back packs and elegant glasses bearing the churches’ crest engraved in gold to commemorate this historical time.

So, in 2011 for Tabernacle of Praise was an extremely busy year; we had some first time ever in our history events.  New leaders were installed during the month of January, Pastor and Lady Glenda were sent to San Juan, Puerto Rico as an anniversary gift from the church, we help celebrate the Memphis District Association of 75 years as a Baptist fellowship.  Our new disciple ship class was reorganized to better serve those desiring to become a part of the church.  Pastor Davis also began training/preparing Ministers and Deacons for ordination in 2012.  Our fall Revival/Festival and Community parade was a huge success as it brought neighbors, business, church law enforcement and other public servants together in one location.  2012 promises to be an exceptional year!  We will share as the year unfolds.

Each year at the TOP, Pastor Vision and theme for the year is announced to the disciples, below is a list of our yearly themes since 2003.  Each year, we are proud to say that we have grown tremendously all because of the Lord.

1. The Year of Restoration –  2004 –   Leviticus 6:4
2. The Year of Obedience, Sacrifice and Commitment – 2005 Deuteronomy 27:10
3. The year of Empowerment -2006 Matthew 28:18
4.  The Year of Excellence     2007 –  I Corinthians 12:31 –
5. The Year of Perfection 2008- Ephesians 4:12
6. Expecting Greatness – 2009 – Deuteronomy 5:24
7. The Year Manifestation – 2010  –  Romans 8:19
8. The Year to Live  2011- I John2-3
9. The Year of Purpose 2012 – Psalm 127:1-2
10. The Year of Exaltation 2013 Psalm 34:3