Welcome to our product page! We invite you to stop by often as we will include items from our TOP of the Line Bookstore regularly.  It is our desire to be sure that you are able to obtain history and  support this ministry through items that can be used/purchased serving as precious memories always of Tabernacle of Praise Missionary Baptist Church. Click on the thumbnail below to see larger image of each product.
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Remembering the Journey Video
Back Packs
Tabernacle of Praise Glasses
$7.00 per Glass

The “Remembering the Journey” DVD Is a documentary totally unscripted captures the real life and times of Tabernacle of Praise in its 1st 7 years.
Chronicling Pastor Davis’ call and acceptance to ministry, the church unfolds as a community giant to serve both the saved and unsaved.  You will get the picture of who we are at the T.O.P.

The Clear Back is a superior quality product is trimmed in blue bearing The Tabernacle of Praise church crest; a very durable, attractive piece.

Customized, charming glassware designed with Tabernacle of Praise logo and 7th year.  A sleek glass with gold design and quality features like a medium-sized stem designed for easy holding and a smooth rimmed lip design that prevents spillage and creates comfortable drinking.

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TOP T-Shirt
All Sizes are available
Tabernacle of Praise Vintage Shirts
Golf Shirts
All Sizes are available

10th year celebration T-Shirt is comfortable with softness, smooth lines, 100% cotton. All sizes available in purple only.

The Tabernacle of Praise logo Vintage T-Shirt is comfortable with smooth lines. A limited color and size supply.

10th year celebration Golf Shirt is easy-wearing comfort. Contoured welt collar and welt cuffs. Wood tone buttons.

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